4′, 45o, 6-Ports: 2x 698-894MHz + 4x 1695-2400MHz. Smart Bi:-T RET Control


  • Provides 6 antenna Ports with a 45o Azimuth Beamwidth
  • Optimized Azimuth patterns for Min Inter-Sector Interference
  • 700, 850, PCS, AWS & WCS bands in one antenna
  • AISG & 3GPP compliant internal (RET) with Smart Bias T

The Quintel MultiServTM Multiband 6 Port Antenna delivers two services with independent tilt in a single antenna. This enables existing
antenna network sites to be upgraded constraint free to add new services such as LTE for 700, 850, PCS, AWS and WCS bands with the
replacement of one antenna. The QS4456-5 also provides 4×1695-2400MHz ports as two side-by-side (CLA-2X) arrays for connection to
2T4R/4T4R services.