The market leader for multiport antennas:

Quintel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. (CHPC) is a rapidly growing antenna supplier which started life pioneering multiport antennas: when such solutions were a speciality. This niche of multiport antennas  has now become more mainstream, with many more Antenna vendors following where we started from, more bands and exploitation of higher order MIMO techniques places pressure for more ports. 

Quintel takes pride in having delivered many tens of thousands of high-quality, engineered antenna solutions that can offer a real performance differences in the mobile radio network. These attributes are what we strive to set Quintel  and our MultiServ family apart from other vendors in a crowded Multiport Antenna marketplace.

Our New Range of Antennas:

Quintel has recently launched a whole family of new Base Station Antennas: to serve the new wave of 4T4R Low-Band Dual-Band radio deployments. Our QD66512-3D and QD86512-3D products for example are unique in the market delivering 12x Ports: 4x Low-band and 8x Mid-band with independent tilt optimization for the 700MHz and 850MHz layers. Our new -2R range of antennas: are designed for deployment on rooftops where the antenna has to be set back from the edge by >30ft, and promise coverage improvement on the ground.

Our Legacy Range of Antennas:

Our range of 6, 8, 10 & 12 Port antennas: have served the North American cellular industry for years. High-reliability, consistent form factor, slimline and multi-port.

Coming Soon – Portfolio of Small Cell and Canister Antennas:

We are also excited to be announcing a brand new portfolio of antennas for the growing Small Cell market soon . Watch this space.