Independent Tilting at Low-Band

Quintel is recognized as an innovator and thought leader in the US market. Our product features embody various Intellectual Property (IP) which is protected through numerous granted and pending patents. Our minimal frontal wind-loading, optimized radiation patterns, improved coverage from rooftop deployments and PIM mitigation configurations are all examples of innovations we have brought to market. We also strive to provide our customers value-added support whenever we can.

Our recently launched Dual-Diplexed Antennas allow operators to connect Multi-Band Low-Band Radios and provide independent tilt for each Band. For example, these products are very popular for sites deployed near to spectrum license boundaries as illustrated below. However, we feel these antennas offer a real difference as they provide the tilt freedoms to allow operators to optimize each traffic layer independently thus maximizing spectral and coverage efficiency. For example, a 700MHz layer may be fully loaded with LTE and needs to be optimized for inter-cell interference, whilst 5G/NR carried on an 850 layer is much less loaded and can be optimized more for coverage.


Optimized for Rooftops
Split Elevation Beam