History and Milestone

Quintel originally developed a disruptive technology incubated by QinetiQ, a UK Government Research Agency which allowed up to five operators (hence “Quin”) to share the same physical antenna with independent operator tilt aimed at 3G markets in Europe. Quintel spun out of QinetiQ in 2007 and repurposed this technology, which we brand as MultiServ into multi-port, multi-tilt, multi-band antennas for the US market when such solutions were a specialty. This once niche of multi-port antennas has now become mainstream, with all vendors following where we started from, and especially as more bands are being made available (e.g. 600MHz, 3700MHz, etc.) and exploitation of higher order MIMO (4T4R FDD, 8T8R TDD) techniques placing pressure for even more antenna ports.

Our history is chartered in the figure below where it can be seen that we have been established in, and supplying the US Base Station Antenna market since 2009.