PIM Tool

Quintel has developed a very simple but very powerful PIM Simulation and Analysis Tool utility. This software package interfaces to your familiar Excel environment yet is powered by dedicated compiled software plug-in.

The package allows the PIM Power Spectral Density resulting from the coupling of multiple signals of different powers, frequencies (from <600MHz to >4GHz), bandwidths (from CW to 100MHz), and technologies (GSM, CDMA, HSPA, LTE, NR, FDD, TDD, etc.) to be explored. Computation takes seconds, and informs engineers not only where PIM hits lie in the spectral domain, but also communicates how bad the PIM hit might be, or what PIM margin/risk there might be at a granular resolution, thus allowing operators to make informed decisions for a range of purposes from spectrum acquisition, spectrum planning, spectrum trading, optimizing RF combining choices, to interference troubleshooting and hunting.

PIM is becoming increasingly problematic for operators as they add and then load up more spectrum bands, use higher powers, exploit higher-order MIMO and deploy in more complex and crowded environments where External PIM sources can be very problematic.

We would be delighted to provide more details on request, including a demonstration license for trial purposes.