Figure A

Figure B

Quintel has pride in delivering high-quality, and engineered antenna solutions that can offer a real performance difference in the mobile radio network. These attributes are what we strive to set Quintel apart from other vendors in a crowded marketplace, some of which are summarized in the Figure A, and described in the subsequent paragraphs.

We designed our antennas with the network in mind. We offered operators antenna solutions with enhanced spectral efficiency without compromising the industry preferred coverage optimized 65o Azimuth Beamwidth through engineered radiation patterns. The image Figure B illustrates some of the results taken from a operator trial of 13 Antennas, where our antennas demonstrated superior inter-sector interference rejection in particular.

We also proudly claim to be the antenna vendor with what we understand to be the lowest return rates in the US market of less than 0.3% field failure returns hence providing maximum on-time availability to our customers. This is testament to both our design, manufacturing, and testing process capabilities.

Independent Tilting
Optimized for Rooftops
Split Elevation Beam